Self Reliance

Yoga Therapy is based on the principle that the body is self-healing and that healing processes can be stimulated by taking responsibility for it and dealing with it consciously. By introducing healthy physical and mental habits (rituals), someone can work on his / her own health with relatively little effort. Yoga Therapy approaches both the physical and mental aspects and contributes to stress relief, more self-awareness and a healthier body.

I am specialised in coaching my clients during the recovery from burn-out, depression and anxiety. I do so with easy and hands-on exercises and easy to implement life style changes.

With quiet, uncomplicated yoga postures, a natural way of breathing and down to earth meditation, I introduce you to Yoga Therapy. A method that encourages you to take responsibility for your own health.

As a Yoga Therapist I am connected to the Dutch Association for Yoga Therapy – NVYT – and I have recently graduated from the CPION accredited study of Basic Medic Knowledge – Medische Basis Kennis.

My biggest client is ASKV, a Dutch organisation and situated in Amsterdam who is taking care of refugees. These people have experienced multiple traumas and suffer mostly from PTSS. Since 2017 I coach them in private sessions to provide relief. You can read more about my work for ASKV here.

Marloes van Otten, ASKV & PAO:

“Daria has been providing anti-stress therapy to our participants for over four years now. Our people are often in a hopeless situation and experience a lot of stress, often resulting in health and sleeping problems. Daria helps them enormously in a few sessions with tools to relieve the stress a bit and thereby learn to cope with their life in limbo better.
In this way she has already helped many participants to sleep better, live healthier and learn to deal with their situation. With a lot of compassion, but also pointing out what they can do themselves to improve their (mental) situation.
Despite the fact that this is a new approach for many of our participants, they indicate that it is very useful and many of them ask for extra sessions. So nothing but compliments to Daria and her way of working! For our target group of undocumented migrants, I think this is a golden opportunity at a time when the waiting lists for mental health care are extremely long and the threshold for this is often high.”