Yoga Therapy is based on the principle that the body is self-healing and that healing processes can be stimulated by taking responsibility for it and dealing with it consciously. By introducing healthy physical and mental habits (rituals), someone can work on his / her own health with relatively little effort. Yoga Therapy approaches both the physical and mental aspects and contributes to stress relief, more self-awareness and a healthier body.

After questions from her students regarding the recovery from Burn-Out, Depression and Anxiety, Daria has developed a series of classes to provide relief with the tools of Yoga – easy and hands-on exercises custom tailored to fit in every lifestyle.

Here Daria explains the beneficial effects of yoga in a very accessible way. With quiet, uncomplicated yoga postures, a natural way of breathing and an introduction to meditation, she introduces you to Yoga Therapy. A method that encourages you to take responsibility for your own health.