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What Yoga can do for you

Through the practice of Yoga we can improve our focus and get to know ourselves. Through this observation we learn what it is that we really want in this moment or in our life in general. This leads eventually to stress relief and stress prevention.


We provide classes in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Mindful Yoga, Corporate Yoga as well as Private Classes. We are specialised in catering to the needs of our clients - strong as well as soft Yoga styles, suited for beginners and / or advanced students in a private or business environment.

Stress Relief & Prevention

Integrating quiet moments in daily life and therefore changing your habits is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Either in a private class or a group class we teach easy and hands-on exercises tailored to your lifestyle and your needs.

Yoga Therapy

Our specialty is coaching with Yoga Therapy as the main tool. Hereby we activate the body's own ability to recover and heal through movement, mindfulness and the right nutrition. Maintaining the self healing process through daily, easy and short routines is the key.

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Daria Mnych Yoga
Daria Mnych

Yoga is my passion. I have been practicing it for more than 13 years now, and all those years it has been an enrichment to my life. I regularly experience that Yoga and Meditation can solve physical ailments and can help against stress and anxiety. This is what I want to share with others. In addition, I try to keep my lessons fresh and fun with a smile here and there as life itself can be serious enough.

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